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Lansdowne Bucket Fillers

As part of our Character Education and No Bullying Policy, our staff and students practice Bucket Filling.   A Bucket Filler is someone who uses kind words and actions to others.  Even saying, “please” and “thank you” can show Bucket Filling.  We all want to be Bucket Fillers, not Bucket Dippers.

This concept is based upon the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today?:  A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, written by Carol McCloud.

Bully Prevention Pledge

CMS Schools, Making it Better, and CBS, Stand Up Speak Out, are coordinating efforts to deliver awareness. The pledge is as follows: I believe that EVERY student has the right to be respected and enjoy a safe school year regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, size, gender, popularity, athletic, or social preference.

Lansdowne Monthly Bucket Fillers

Each month we recognize a Bucket Filler student from every classroom who best demonstrates the monthly IB attitude.  Families receive an invitation to celebrate with their child during a recognition ceremony held in the Media Center.  We acknowledge this IB attitude with a Bucket Filler certificate and have their photo taken and displayed on our Bucket Filler wall. 

  • September: Principled
  • October: Courageous (Risk-Taker)
  • November: Communicators
  • December: Balanced
  • January: Caring
  • February: Knowledgeable
  • March: Open-Minded
  • April: Inquirer/Thinker
  • May: Reflective